The students of Centre for Studies in Journalism & Mass Communication (CSJMC), Dibrugarh University has partnered with Dibrugarh-based News & Media portal Dibrugarh 24X7 to launch ‘Nazariya’, a series of long-form discussions to bring forth less talked about but critical issues on diverse local and world issues. The talk show is a part of their current 45-day campaign on Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation awareness titled #HopesUpDrugsDown which began on May 15 to accelerate the message of the importance of seeking help against drug abuse and lasting benefits that rehabilitation provide. 

A first-of-its-kind in Dibrugarh, the debut episode of ‘Nazariya’ was held on Saturday with a panel comprising of Shwetank Mishra, Superintendent of Police (Dibrugarh), Dr Pranit Kumar Chaudhury, Former HOD, Department of Psychiatry, Assam Medical College and Hospital, Dibrugarh, Plabona Borah Goswami, president, Pratyavartan NGO, Dibrugarh, Narayan Upadhyay, Secretary, Pratyavartan NGO, Dibrugarh, Rashmirekha Changmai, Assistant Professor, Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication, Dibrugarh University and Dr Trishna Duarah, Assistant Professor, Department of English, DHSK College, Dibrugarh.

The talk show will aired as the first episode of ‘Nazariya’ on June 26 to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Commenting on the issue, IPS officer and Dibrugarh SP Shwetank Mishra said, “Drugs and substance abuse is a serious issue in the state of Assam and Assam Police is working dedicatedly to address this. But, at the same time, much work on awareness and education needs to be done which is of utmost importance from not just the individual’s end but the public overall and take cognizance of the shared duty towards each other.”

Dr PK Chaudhury, also a Drug De-addiction specialist, said,” We can start by using the term ‘substance abuse’ instead of ‘drug abuse’ since drug is a commonly misplaced word. The path to rehabilitation is an acutely intensive process and for it to be called a success, all stakeholders including educators, the police force, medical practitioners must all come together to work towards it sensitively.”

Plabona Bora Goswami mentioned that her NGO has been committedly working towards reducing the taboo around rehabilitation and striving to build a drug-free society.

Narayan Upadhyay, a victim of substance abuse and now dedicated to the cause of rehabilitation said, “Looking back, I realise that there could be rough times wherein in you may lose everything that mattered to you. In such a vulnerable time, it is when an individual reaches out to substance to help endure the loss. But this is a temporary solution that can break your life. What is often missing is a genuine helping hand that can help the person wade through the tough times. Continuous conversations are key than leaving an addict alone.”

Rashmirekha Changmai who has been overseeing her students undertake this campaign commented, “I am proud of my students for executing what was simply a classroom assignment to bringing this project to life for people who may actually need it. We will continue to have these important conversations going forward.”

Commenting on the issue, Dr Trishna Duarah said “As a citizen of Dibrugarh who has lived in Dibrugarh for more than 40 years, I would say matters are yet to change from what it was to how we would like it to be. My role as an educator and social activist helps me identify sensitive situations where students may shy away from seeking help because of fear of getting mocked. But it should be treated as a challenge that is curable with correct and timely guidance. I would urge everyone to please do their part as a contribution to the society we live in.”

The Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication said that ‘Nazariya’ strives to offer an open space for respectful conversations around drug abuse and the address the reasons behind the taboo around seeking rehabilitation and aims to occupy a significant place in the public consciousness for the future. 


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