Following the sudden surge in Covid positive cases in Dibrugarh district, the District Disaster Management Authority have issued certain guidelines on Tuesday to contain the spread of Covid-19. The guidelines were issued after 501 Covid positive cases were detected in Dibrugarh on Monday. 
As per the order issued by deputy commissioner cum chairperson of  District Disaster Management Authority Dibrugarh Biswajit Pegu on Tuesday, all shops and commercial establishments will have to shut down at 9pm on all days. Shop owners shall ensure minimum six feet distance among customers and shall not allow more than 5 persons inside the shop at any time. In addition, shop owners should compulsorily keep sanitizers and hand wash in their shops.
Shopkeepers and customers shall have to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Responsibility of maintenance of social distancing will be on the shop owner and failure to do so will be viewed very seriously and may entail summary closure of defaulting shops.
“If Covid appropriate behaviour like wearing of masks, maintaining social distancing, regular hand washing and use of sanitizer, maintaining health hygiene, no spitting etc. are not maintained at any establishment/business premises/weekly market/schools, colleges, educational/coaching institutes, libraries, religious places etc., then such premises/weekly market shall be liable to be closed for containingthe spread of COVID-19 virus. The defaulters shall also be liable for criminal prosecution under the relevant laws,” the order said.
The owner of eateries like Hotel/Restaurant/Dhaba etc. will have to ensure that persons/customers entering such installations are fully vaccinated (who have taken both dose of vaccine) and will not allow any person/customer that are not fully vaccinated. Heavy fine will be imposed on the defaulters under the relevant laws, the order mentioned.
“All Public transport authorities including auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and taxis shall enforce COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and seating inside the vehicles, carriers etc. The owner of such transport will ensure that only fully vaccinated (who have taken both dose of vaccine) passengers are allowed to board in such transport services. Heavy fine will be imposed on the owner under the relevant laws if foundviolating such order.The above order is issued to further strengthen the containment of spread of COVID-19 in the district of Dibrugarh,” the order stated.


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