In a decisive move to reclaim public spaces, the Dibrugarh Municipal Board (DMB) carried out a major eviction drive on Saturday, clearing over 70 shops that were illegally occupying the footpaths in the town.Dibrugarh Municipal Board chairman, Saikat Patra said that the eviction drive was prompted by the persistent issue of shop owners encroaching upon the footpaths, causing obstructions and inconveniences for pedestrians. The drive was taken to restore pedestrian access and remove obstructions in important locations like Chowkidinghee, Thana Chariali and RKB Road. 

“The illegal occupation of footpaths by these shops has been a long-standing problem, and it was essential to take decisive action to address this issue. The encroachments were observed in areas including Chowkidinghee, Thana Chariali and RKB Road. We have created vending zones for the street vendors in several locations. Strict action will be taken against the vendors occupying the footpaths,” the DMB chairman said

During the drive, the DMB officials identified and evicted the unauthorised shops, thereby reclaiming the public spaces for their intended use. Fines were imposed on several establishments found in violation of the regulations.
The initiative has garnered positive responses from the local residents and pedestrians, who have long grappled with the challenges posed by the encroachments.  



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