The North East International Documentary and Film Festival (NIDFF) is all set to enrapture cinephiles as it returns to Dibrugarh from January 18 to 21, featuring a diverse array of 38 films and documentaries. The festival, to be hosted at the Dibrugarh District Library, will present an assortment of films across five categories, including documentary feature, short film, documentary short, feature film and Northeast special, offering a platform for both local and international filmmakers to present their craft.

Mridupawan Bora, Festival Director of NIDFF, expressed the festival’s mission, stating, “Following a successful Season 1 in 2023, Northeast International Documentary and Film Festival (NIDFF) is back for Season 2. The objective of Season 2 is to uplift local talent, showcase global films and encourage cultural exchange through film tourism, with a special attention towards education in the art of filmmaking.”

The festival’s programme boasts an impressive lineup, with a wide range of compelling films spanning various genres and cultural perspectives. The documentary features to be screened include “Jnanada: Reflection of Lights and Shade” from India, “Assassination Orders from Belgrade” from Germany, “Four on Eleven” from India, “Mask Art of Majuli” from India, “One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction” from the USA, “Colliding Forces: Mothers in Ballet” from the UK, “Manufacturing Madness” from the USA, “Unspoken Language” from India, “Heyoka” from the Republic of Korea, “Penmudra” from India, “My Radio My Life” from India and “Angwal” also from India.

The lineup of short films is equally captivating, featuring titles such as “Ekaki”, “A Temporary Matter”, “Inside”, “A Little Sunshine”, “Aaha Nanna Maduve Ante! – Yay! I’m Getting Married”, “Echoes of Emptiness”, “Dream of a Widow”, “Kaankhowa”, “Madan Veri – Breath of the Ghasis”, “Robin” and “Bivajaan”, all from India. A single film from the USA “Ipsa” also feature in the category.

The documentary shorts to be showcased are all from India, and include “They are not meant to tell this Story,” “Seeking Buchen,” “Letters from Mr Deka,” “The Showman,” “Living Cultures of Tulunadu – Bhutaradhane,” and “Tosaphenla: Grandeur of an Ancient Tradition.”

Furthermore, the festival will present a selection of feature films, all from India, including “Spondon – The Music Within,” “Nitantoi Sahaj Saral – A very Simple Story,” “The Magical Camera of Manic Uncle,” and “Satya: The Truth.”

In a special segment dedicated to Northeast India, the festival will showcase films such as “Mau: The Spirit Dreams of Cheraw,” “Birubala – The Fearless Crusader,” “Asura,” and “Mukha Xilpo: The Mask Making Tradition of Majuli,” aiming to celebrate and spotlight the unique narratives and traditions of the region.

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NIDFF Season 2 also promises an educational component, with a three-day symposium featuring masterclasses conducted by experts from RedCardinal Motion Pictures (RCMP) and online lectures by international industry professionals, offering aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the art and craft of filmmaking.


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