Amid the statewide motor transporters’ strike on Friday, the state government’s 108 ambulance service in Dibrugarh continued to operate seamlessly, providing critical medical assistance to patients in need, officials on Saturday said. The steadfast service came as a beacon of hope during a time when other private ambulance services chose to lend their support to the strike by abstaining from plying.

Emergency Management Executive Hirakjyoti Deka on Saturday mentioned the crucial role played by the 108 ambulance services in ensuring medical aid reached those in distress during the strike. He said that the 108 ambulance service in Dibrugarh district, strategically stationed at various locations including Lahowal (2 units), Barbaruah, Jamirah, Moran, Tengakhat, Khowang (2 units), Rajgarh, Namrup, Chabua, Circuit House, Tingkhong, Naharkatia, and Moran Tiloi, continued to function normally throughout the duration of the transporters’ strike.

“The fleet of 108 ambulances offered their services to patients when other private ambulances abstained from plying during the transporters strike. The commitment and tireless efforts of the emergency medical personnel and support staff operating these ambulances were vital in maintaining essential healthcare services, ensuring that the well-being of the people remained a top priority,” Deka said.


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