Harjeet Singh who is the uncle of Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh was brought to Dibrugarh Central Jail at 7.10am by road from Guwahati under heavy security. Already four aides of Amritpal Singh are lodged in the maximum security cell no -13 of the Dibrugarh Central Jail.

Profile of 5 Amritpal Singh’s associates lodged in DIBRUGARH CENTRAL JAIL as per reports:

  1. Daljeet Kalsi – Daljeet Singh Kalsi alias Sarabjeet Singh Kalsi is a popular Punjabi actor and financer of Amritpal Singh. He is best known for Sardar Saab and Jagga Jiunde E. Kalsi was a close aide of the founder of Waris Punjab De and actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu. Like Sidhu, Kalsi also propagated for Khalistan. After Sidhu’s death, he got associated with Amritpal Singh. It is believed that Kalsi was not only Amritpal Singh’s financer but also played a vital role in bringing him from Dubai and establishing him as the organisation’s chief.
  2. Basant Singh Fauji – Basant Singh Fauji is a former associate of Waris Punjab De founder Deep Sidhu. Basant was attached to Amritpal initially as a bodyguard. Later he started looking after a drug de-addiction centre at Jallu Khera, Amritpal’s native village.
  3. Gurmeet Singh Bhukhanwala – He is a former associate of Deep Sidhu who later joined Amritpal Singh. He is believed to be among the group of 10 close associates of Amritpal, who has been with him from the day he arrived in India on 20 August, 2022. He was made the Waris Punjab De in-charge for Moga.
  4. Bhagwant Singh: Bhagwant Singh alias Pradhan Mantri Bajeke is a “outspoken Sikh radical” who was on and off associated with Deep Sidhu and then Amritpal Singh. He is from Moga and was using social media to air his views about various Sikh issues using the term ‘Pradhan Mantri’. A case against Bhagwant was registered in Moga under the Arms Act in November last year. He also has other cases registered against him in Moga including an attempt to murder case from 2015. He is out on bail in all cases.
  5. Harjit Singh – Harjit Singh who is Amritpal Singh’s uncle, was involved in the transport business in the UK and Canada, but joined his nephew after he came to India in August 2022. Harjit played the role of manager and was also in charge of Amritpal’s finances.


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