Curtain came down on the four-day Durga puja festivities in Dibrugarh on Tuesday with the immersion of the idols of Goddess Durga and her entourage in the Brahmaputra on Vijayadashami.

From midday onwards, the Mancotta Road, stretching from Thana Chariali to the Phoolbagan traffic point, became a bustling thoroughfare, teeming with enthusiastic spectators who eagerly lined both sides of the road, awaiting the grand immersion ceremony. The RKB Road and AT Road of the town also witnessed an influx of jubilant crowds, adding to the festive fervour.

The procession began with a ceremonial send-off from various pandals spread throughout the town. Elaborate decorations, magnificent lighting, and mesmerising cultural performances added to the charm of the event.

Accompanied by the rhythmic beats of dhak (drums) and resonating melodies, the magnificent idols were carried on beautifully adorned chariots and trucks in a splendid procession by exultant devotees, making their way to the designated Kachhari ghat on the Brahmaputra river bank near the superintendent of police office, which was selected by the district administration for the visarjan (immersion) of the sacred idols. To ensure the smooth flow of puja vehicles and maintain crowd control, a dedicated team of policemen, security personnel, and civil defense volunteers were deployed along the entire route. The district administration made extensive arrangements to ensure the safety and security of the devotees. Adequate crowd management measures, traffic diversions, and medical facilities were deployed to ensure a peaceful conclusion to the festivities.

The immersion process continued well into the night, with different groups taking turns to bid farewell to the goddess. Dibrugarh legislator Prasanta Phukan, DC Bikram Kairi, SP Shwetank Mishra, and other senior officials were present at the immersion site to oversaw the proceedings. To ensure the safety of all attendees, rescue boats, divers, and personnel from the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) were stationed at the ghat. The entire immersion process was meticulously monitored through an extensive network of CCTV cameras, ensuring a seamless and incident-free ceremony. Prioritising public safety, all power lines within the town were temporarily shut down from 12 pm until the completion of the idol immersion ceremony.

In Tinsukia town, over 120 idols were immersed at the Guijan ghat, nestled on the banks of the Brahmaputra. The grand procession, comprising the magnificent idols, captivated the attention of tens of thousands of awe-struck onlookers as it traversed the vibrant GNB Road en route to the designated immersion site.

Meanwhile, in Sivasagar, yet another significant hub of devotion, thousands of ardent devotees congregated to bid a heartfelt adieu to the revered Goddess. The visarjan ceremony took place on the banks of the Dikhow river, where devotees immersed the idols with utmost reverence and solemnity.


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