Pic: Kishan Bagaria with Matt Mullenweg

In a groundbreaking deal, Matt Mullenweg, the visionary founder of Automattic Inc., renowned for WordPress.com, has acquired Texts.com, an innovative messaging app developed by the exceptionally talented youngster Kishan Bagaria from Dibrugarh, Assam.

Kishan Bagaria, the son of tech prodigy Mahendra Bagaria, has witnessed his brainchild, Texts.com, become the center of attention in this remarkable transaction, valued at an astounding $50 million.

Pic: Kishan Bagaria with Matt Mullenweg CEO WordPress and Parag Agarwal Ex CEO Twitter

Mullenweg, expressing his admiration for Texts.com, highlighted two key factors that captured his interest. He said, “Kishan is undoubtedly a tech genius of his generation, and we can expect to see his innovations for many years to come.”

This acquisition not only showcases the growing recognition of young tech visionaries but also reinforces Matt Mullenweg’s strong belief in the tremendous potential of Texts.com and its promising future deeply rooted in the heart of Assam.


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