Sixty-seven kilometres away from Dibrugarh town, a model “lemon village” is being developed at Naharkatia with the aim of boosting self-employment and improving the local economy. As part of an ambitious programme undertaken by the Dibrugarh district administration and the agriculture department,
Cheleng Chuk village under Naharkatia revenue circle will be developed as a model village for growing lemons. Cheleng Chuk village spread over 83.7 hectares with a population of 570 is already famous for its lemon cultivation. The two varieties of Assam Lemon locally known as ‘Gol Nemu’ and ‘Kaji Nemu’ are found in abundance in the village.

Dibrugarh deputy commissioner Pallav Gopal Jha on Thursday (Sep 9) inaugurated a project to develop Cheleng Chuk village as a model village in the field of lemon cultivation. Under the project, 125 families of the agrarian village will be made self-sufficient through cultivation and sale of lemons. In the first phase, around 2,200 lemon saplings will be planted in the village. The aim is to plant 10,000 lemon plants.

“Naharkatia’s Cheleng Chuk village is already famous for lemon production. The quality of lemon is quite good and the climatic condition is suitable for the growth of lemon. It has a ready market among local population. We want to develop the village as a model lemon village. Our aim is to produce lemons in a mass scale. It will boost self-employment and generate revenue apart from rejuvenating the local economy. Youths and women will be benefitted by it. We have involved 6 self-help-groups in the process and over 2,000 lemon saplings will be planted in the next 7-10 days. We will facilitate fund and impart scientific training to the people,” Jha said.

The deputy commissioner also exuded confidence that the lemons produced in the village will be able to find a good market across the state. He added that the product can be sent to foreign markets if the demand and supply is in expected line.


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