Heralding new hope and expectations among the business community of the region, the newly elected executive committee of the Eastern Assam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EACCI) for the year 2023-2024 officially took charge in a jubilant and festive ceremony held at the Gymkhana Club in Dibrugarh on April 10. In a ceremony presided over by Returning Officer Vikash Moody, the new committee that included Ashok Dhanuka (President), Subir Kejriwal (General Secretary), Dhiraj Munka (Vice President), Ravi Garodia (Treasurer), Vishal Keshan, Romit Jain, Biki Kejriwal, Manas Pratim Bhuyan (Joint Secretaries) and Shailesh Jain (Spokesperson) was formed. During the handing over charge from the adhoc committe to the newly elected committee, special invitees including Akaash Agarwal (Jt. Election Officer), Lalit Chamaria (Jt. Election Officer), P Bhuyan (Adhoc Working Committee President, Retiring) and all Adhoc Working Committee Members (Retiring) were present.

On April 2, in an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting cum Working Committee Election of the EACCI was held at the Lekchand Kanoi Hall where 21 members were elected. The elected members were Ashok Dhanuka, Ashok Kumar Goenka, Biki Kejriwal, Chetan Murarka, Dhiraj Munka, Kaushal Bawari, Manas Pratim Bhuyan, Manish Kumar Keshan, Mukesh Agarwal, Pradyut Hazarika, Pursottam Sharma, Ravi Garodia, Romit Jain, Rohan Jalan, Santosh Kejriwal, Shailesh Jain, Subir Kejriwal, Vijay Kumar Agarwalla, Vikash Sureka, Vishal Bawari and Vishal Keshan.

The business community has expressed hope that the new EACCI committee will look after the hopes and aspirations of the traders of the region from smooth running of businesses apart from practically solving all the issues faced by them.


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