The process for the election of the 16th President of India scheduled for July 18 has gained momentum as the Election Commission of India (ECI) has starting dispatching election related materials to several destinations across the country. On Wednesday the ballot box and other election materials left for Arunachal Pradesh’s capital Itanagar. The election materials reached the Dibrugarh Airport from Delhi by flight at around noon time under the supervision of Tadar Meena, the Additional Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly and other officials. From Dibrugarh the officials left with the election materials for Itanagar by road with full security.

Ballot papers for presidential elections will be stored and sealed in rooms which are monitored by video cameras. On the completion of poll, sealed ballot boxes and other election materials have to be transported back to the Office of Returning Officer, that is the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.


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